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Preserving Your Christmas Tree

Tests normally used to determine freshness are of no concern to the enterprising family who drives to a Choose and Harvest Tree Farm - but keeping the tree fresh is. 

Once your tree is home, clean it thoroughly from needles lodged among the branches, then care for it as you would cut flowers.
Keep the tree outdoors in a protected area until you are ready to decorate it. It is best to keep the trunk in water. Any large container will do. Simply make a fresh straight cut across the trunk about an inch up from the original cut. This opens the tree stem for water intake.

If you allow the water level to drop below the fresh cut, a seal will form, just as it does on cut flowers, and a new cut will be necessary. Use hot water the first time to dissolve pitch that may be clogging water conduction tissues.

Be sure to unplug the lights before retiring or leaving home. A Christmas tree has never started a fire, but the lights may overheat and start a fire among the paper gift wrapping or curtains.

There is no better family tradition than going to a tree farm and selecting and harvesting your own Nebraska grown Christmas tree.


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