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In 1966 a small group of Christmas tree growers and forest landowners met and organized the Nebraska Christmas Tree Growers & Timber Producers Association, which helped fulfill the recognized needs of this rapidly growing segment of Nebraska forest industry. The fledgling organization’s name was later changed to the Nebraska Christmas Tree Growers Association (NCTGA) to more accurately reflect the primary interests of the membership.

NCTGA members are primarily engaged in the production of Christmas trees, but membership is open to other individuals and businesses with an interest in marketing Christmas trees and related products.

The objectives of the NCTGA are:

  • To improve the practices of Christmas tree production and marketing in Nebraska.
  • To associate with members together for their mutual benefit in the production and marketing of Christmas trees and related products.
  • To engage in publicity and educational work in cooperation with existing agencies.
  • To develop new and improve existing marketing procedures by bringing together growers, wholesalers, and retailers at periodic meetings.
  • To initiate and encourage scientific investigations into the various problems encountered in the practice of growing Christmas trees and to cooperate in making the results available.
  • To encourage sound and useful legislation related to the growing and marketing of Christmas trees.
  • To provide eligibility for membership in the National Christmas Tree Association.

The 2008 membership of NCTGA includes 23 families and associate members (see Membership page). Members’ business experience ranges from over 30 years and annual tree sales in the thousands, to members who have yet to plant their first trees. A typical Nebraska operation is 3 to 8 acres in size. Most Nebraska growers sell trees by the “choose and harvest” method, in which the customer visits the tree farm to select and cut a fresh, live Christmas tree.

At least two NCTGA meetings per year (usually winter and summer) provide members the opportunity to learn valuable technical and business information, and share experiences with other members.

The NCTGA is administered by an elected Board of Directors (BOD).

NCTGA membership also includes a subscription to “Christmas Trees” magazine.



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